Reflections of Life As Seen Through the Poets’ Eyes

Bearing The Fruits of Old Age

Strange as it may seem to you I still remember it so clearly
She had soft flowing hair and sparkling eyes
And a smile so warm and glistening so sweet and tenderly
She was my Mother a warm precious woman who sang me beautiful lullabies.

Standing there beside her all smiles and expressing great joy
Was a handsome young man in his late 20’s who could not be any happier
As he looked at his family’s brand new Toy
And silently planned the youngster’s future life and career

As I lay there silently observing the two of them rejoice I could not help but wonder
Had the family that I was placed in been a very wise choice
While so far it seemed okay to me, I knew that only time would provide the answer
And then I heard these two persons say to each other “I love you” in a soft and caring voice.

Any doubts I had were gone and I relaxed and went to sleep waiting very excitingly
To see what the future held knowing that I was quite safe as my life’s journey began
Each day was filled with fun and felt heavenly as I learned to speak, walk and do other fun things
I laughed, played games as my father chased me as around the block as I ran
Now you may think that this is all nonsense and how could anyone remember such long ago things?
But it is really very true and there is even more
And as I go on looking back and so warmly remembering
What occurred in my life many, many years ago.

I continued my journey, with siblings who joined along the way
Along with extended family and friends added
My life was enriched and each and every day
I felt so much rewarded

Then a marriage and children followed and I watched in joy with some astonishment
As I became the parent like my own Parents were, from my very start
It was a great time and memorable moment
One that touched my loving heart

As time went on I suddenly found that the ones I had most loved and adored and who had taken such good care of me
Had aged and finally been take away
And all I had was a wonderful memory

Now, I am aging and my body is slowing down
It is my very good fortune to have an active mind and I remember as I did from the beginning
Each and every joyful event and the interesting life I have known
I watch my own children, grand and great grandchildren; life’s adventure they are winning

So to the young and Seniors of the world my message is the same. Learn from each other, grow your lives and forgive the errors others make as they took life’s journey.

A Poem by Bernard S. Otis

He’s Back!!!! For all those who have been writing and calling asking what happened to Bernie Otis, the answer is – I am back.

After taking some time between Thanksgiving and the New Year to reflect on where I have been and what the future looks like, as well as doing a lot of reading (one of my favorite pastimes), I am ready to accept the challenge the coming months present – in case you have not listened to the news lately.

In a few weeks, January 29th to be very specific, I will be celebrating my 89th Birthday. And while I do not normally use my religious resources in my writings, today’s Blog is based upon something that Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson wrote in his interpretation of this past week’s Torah Portion, Va-Era (He Appeared). It is something persons of all ages should think about, but most specifically those who are moving close to their 80th year of life.

It is entitled “Bearing The Fruits of Old Age”

In our Society there is nothing more consuming than the fear of old age. We spend thousands of dollars on products that make us feel and look young, we find ways to dress to appear young, and we belong to health and exercise clubs to help make us youngish. But, as the Rabbi points out, “We can ward off death and prevent its encroachment into the realm of life, only by truly living each and every day, only by refusing to see the elderly as the walking dead, or by not viewing aging as the equivalent of dying.”

Just consider this: when you read the Bible you discover that Moses and his brother Aaron were both in their 80’s when they took on the Pharaoh. And nowhere else in the Torah are any other prophets addressed directly by God.

When you read the Bible and Torah you find that the Eighties are referred to as the years of strength. And what is that strength? Yes, the rabbi points out that, “surely a teenager is stronger physically, a child can run farther and exudes more energy, the acumen of a 40 year old is more quick and deft, and a 60 year old is more cognizant of the ways of the world. But, the strength of the 80’s is the wisdom that comes from experience and completion”

Those of us who have reached those fruitful years have lived a life filled with joy and happiness, we have experienced the pain and suffering, we can look at life with compassion and skepticism. We no longer need to work with passion and ambition. And we have spent time caring for the elderly.

So don’t put yourself, or those aged among you out into the pasture. Learn from us as we share with you the lessons that life has taught us.—the aged among our society still flourish like the Cedars planted in the Courthouse of our Creator.

Bernie’s 2 Books; “How to Prepare for Old Age—Without Taking the Fun out of Life” and “Revenue Generation Through the Sale of Kumquats——And Other Things” are Best Sellers on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. His weekly blogs can be read at

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