How Technology Has Affected Our Life-Choices

The owner of a large American furniture manufacturing company went to Hungary to purchase some materials for his company.

As he was leaving a restaurant, he passed a very beautiful woman who smiled at him. He returned the smile and attempted to make her acquaintance, but because of the differences in their languages, they could not understand each other.

He drew a picture of a car and she indicated agreement, so they went for a ride in his car.

He drew a picture of a bar and she nodded in agreement, so they went to a bar and had a few drinks. He drew a picture of two dancers, so they got on the dance floor and danced.

She then indicated that she wanted to use his paper and pencil, and she drew a picture of a four-poster bed. He was confused and dropped her off where this had all started.

The next day, he was telling a friend about his experience with the woman, and he said, “I wonder how she knew I was in the furniture business?”


Within a few weeks schools children around the Country will begin a new year. There has never been a more challenging time for both parents and children as our educational system is struggling to find the answer as to what kind of school, i.e. public or private, will provide our children with the best education for success in life.

This is a significant change from what those growing up in my age group had to deal with. We finished high school and went on to college taking Liberal Arts or some other type courses, as we slowly decided where we wanted to end up-even if we eventually changed direction.

Today, as early as grade school, students are exposed to technology which excites them, such as Robotics, etc. and begins to point them towards careers which will affect them forever.

This not only affects the child’s life, but has a profound effect, not necessarily favorably, on their parents. They may have little knowledge about how technology is going to affect their child’s future life, or the kinds of activities they need to encourage children to get involved in which will compliment their future choices.

For example, without exception, today it is essential that our youth become efficient in mathematics if they are to become successful in almost any field of endeavor.

Often, when their children have difficulty with the subject of math, instead of finding tutors who know how to help the child become proficient, the parents tell them to, “just do the best you can.” If we are to help our kids have success in this technological era we need to help them not “do your best” but “be their best.”

Let me share with you, my readers, a personal experience. My Rotary Club was recently asked to have a group of its senior members give talks in local high schools, sharing our life’s experiences with the senior class students. I was asked to be part of that group.

Following my talk, I was contacted by a number of those students who asked me to meet privately with them and give them some advice about their future. I met one of these young persons for breakfast where he told me that his parents did not understand his goals in life and could not advise him about what college to attend in order to achieve those goals.

I urge all parents to sit down with your children: ask them what is important to them, learn what they see as their role in life and what they want their future to look like. Do not, I urge you, do not tell them what you want them to do-but listen to their dreams.

Then do all you can to help them find the path to their wants and seek the help of professionals to ensure that they have the right guidance.

And one final thought: do not tell your child that you will reward them for being good at a particular sport. Success at soccer will never replace a well planned carefully sought out career.

The journey of life is exciting, challenging and rewarding, but just as we must plan for old age, we must carefully plan the trip which gets us there.


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